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Beowulf was a planet in the Sigma Draconis System, the second oldest human colony and one of the oldest member worlds of the Solarian League. Beowulf was renowned for its scientists, especially in the fields of hyper physics, medicine, and applied genetics.

Biology Edit

The climate was dry and dusty. (HH9)

Gremlins were an intelligent species native to Beowulf. They rated just below the treecat of Sphinx on the Sentience scale, about 10 points below humans on a scale of 0 to 100, with humans at 100.[1] (HH1)


A number of the planet's emigres came from the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth. (HH3)


In 1246 PD, scientists on the planet developed the gravitic impeller drive. (HH1) Beowulf provided substantially to the aid Old Earth received in the aftermath of the Final War, involving the genetic supermen developed in Ukraine.

Allison Chou was a native of the planet. (HH2) She met Alfred Harrington while he attended Semmelweis University on Beowulf and accompanied him back to Manticore when he returned to duty with the Royal Manticoran Navy. (HH7)

References Edit

  1. It should be noted that this was some years before the treecats, led by Nimitz and Samantha, chose to reveal to the humans just how intelligent their species really was.

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