Benjamin the Great class
Name: Benjamin the Great class
Type: Superdreadnought
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1911 PD
Preceded By: Steadholder Denevski class
Succeeded By: Honor Harrington class
Mass: 8,517,750 tons

Length: 1381 m
Beam: 200 m
Draught: 186 m

Acceleration: 374.6 G
(468.3 G maximum)
Armament: Broadside: 38M, 32G, 30CM, 34PD

Chase: 9M, 8G, 10CM, 10PD

The Benjamin the Great class was a class of conventional superdreadnoughts built by the Grayson Space Navy.

Originally designed as an advanced variant of the Steadholder Denevski-class, they were the last conventional Grayson-built ships of the wall. Only three of them were commissioned before their design was replaced by the pod-capable Honor Harrington class. (HH7, HH10)

With the pod-layer program already running in secret, the ships were modified during construction into dedicated command flagships. The hull was extended by nine meters, two grasers were removed from the broadsides to make room for advanced command decks, room for flag staff, larger and more sensitive sensor arrays, more extensive communication equipment, and a significant increase in active defense.

They were highly sought after in the GSN due to their high-quality command decks, but began to show their age by the early 1920s PD. Dedicated command variants of Honor Harrington-class pod-laying superdreadnoughts were used to supplant them. (Companion)

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