Battlecruiser Squadron 3065 was a tactical unit of the Solarian League Navy Frontier Fleet.

Battlecruiser Division 3065.2Edit

Commanding officer of the division was Rear Admiral Liam Pyun (1922 PD).

Units Edit

Battlecruiser Division 3065.2 consisted 6 Indefatigable-class units, including:

Staff Edit

History Edit

As of 1922 PD the division was assigned to frontier Genovese Sector.

In April 1922 PD, the division was ordered by the OFS commissioner of the Genovese Sector to unblock then-Manticoran-controlled Idaho Hyper Bridge for Solarian merchant traffic. The Royal Manticoran Navy forced Rear Admiral Pyun to retreat into hyperspace however. (HH13)

References Edit

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