Battle of Tyler's Star
Battlesign RMN vs RHN PN
ConflictFirst Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1909 PD
PlaceTyler's Star System
ResultManticoran victory

Royal Manticoran Navy

People's Navy


Capt. Webster

Capt. Waters

  • 1 Q-ship
  • 2 CA


  • 1 CA destroyed
  • 1 CA heavily damaged

The Battle of Tyler's Star was an armed engagement between HMAMC Scheherazade of the Royal Manticoran Navy and a division of People's Navy Sword-class heavy cruisers in the Tyler's Star System of the Silesian Confederacy.

Order of battleEdit

Royal Manticoran NavyEdit

HMAMC Scheherazade, CO Captain (JG) Samuel Webster

People's NavyEdit

Captain Waters' division:

Course of battleEdit

The Scheherazade detected the Falchion and her consort on a standard intercept vector while heading in-system at Tyler's Star. Captain Webster decided to allow the Havenite cruisers to close while preparing to engage them. At a range where even a normal merchantmen would be able to detect the Havenite cruisers, Webster ordered the helm to execute maneuver Alpha One. Scheherazade immediately increased her acceleration from one hundred fifty gravities to one hundred eighty gravities and turned wildly to starboard in a simulated evasive maneuver. Waters responded by ordering Scheherazade to maintain communications silence, not attempt to abandon, and to return to its original course. In response, Scheherazade attempted to claim that she was in fact an Andermani freighter, not a Manticoran one as her transponder stated.

Infuriated by the Manticorans' antics, Waters demanded that Scheherazade comply with his previous instruction. Instead, Webster ordered the helm to execute maneuver Alpha Two, Scheherazade immediately tried to return to her orignal heading and her original vector in a even wilder turn to port than the one she had previously executed to starboard, rolling to interpose the belly of her impeller wedge toward the Havenite cruisers. Further disgusted by the Manticorans' antics, Waters ordered his ships to reverse acceleration in preparation for intercept. Satisfied that the Havenites were properly deceived, Webster instructed his tactical officer, Commander Oliver Hernando, to call the shot. Hernando ordered the helm to prepare to executve maneuver Baker Two. He waited until the Havenite cruisers were within range and issued the order to execute. Scheherazade jettisoned her concealment hatches and opened fire with her grasers. One Havenite laser hit Scheherazade's unarmored hull, destroying Missle Tube Three, blasting through to Boat Bay One and destroying three unmanned small craft -- two cutters and one pinnace. Falchion was destroyed with all hands while the other Havenite cruiser lost its forward end, its impeller wedge collapsing. Webster ordered the second cruiser to surrender and prepare to be boarded. (HH6)


One Havenite cruiser was destroyed, one was wrecked, and Scheherazade took minor damage, lossing seventeen with another eleven wounded. (HH6)


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