Battle of Savo Island

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Savo Island

HMAS Canberra being evacuated after the Battle of Savo Island

The Battle of Savo Island was a naval battle fought during Old Earth's Second World War on August 8 and 9, 1942 CE.

It was fought between the Imperial Japanese Navy, United States Navy, and Royal Australian Navy off the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in an area later to be known as Iron Bottom Sound.[1]

During her time as an instructor at the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy, Admiral Honor Harrington assigned research on the battle to Midshipman Sanmicheli to compare and contrast what happened to the U.S. Navy to what happened to the Royal Manticoran Navy at the Second Battle of Adler. (HH9)

References Edit

  1. It was originaly called Sealark Channel but the name was changed to Iron Bottom Sound due to all the ships lost there.

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