Battle of Monica
Talbott cluster
ConflictTalbott Cluster conflict
Date16 February 1921 PD
PlaceMonica System
ResultManticoran victory

Royal Manticoran Navy

Monican Navy:

  • fixed defences
  • 1st Battlecruiser Division

Captain (SG) Aivars Terekhov

Admiral Isidor Hegedusic (†)
Commodore Janko Horster (†)

  • 3 CA
  • 3 CL
  • 4 DD
  • fixed defences
  • 3 BC
  • 1 CA
  • 2 CL
  • 3 DD
  • 3 active BC
  • 35 inactive hypercapable ships
  • military part of the main space station

The Battle of Monica was an armed engagement between forces of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Monican Navy which was fought in the Monica System on 16 February 1921 PD.

Prelude Edit

After being taken prisoner in the Montana System, Captain Duan Binyan of the Mesan slaver Marianne, informed Captain Aivars Terekhov of the secret military build-up in the Monica System. Terekhov ordered then to scout the system and proceeded to Monica with small improvised group of warships. (SI1)

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Order of Battle Edit

RMN Edit

Ad hoc squadron/light task group composed of the Southern Patrol's units, CO Captain (SG) Aivars Terekhov:

Supported by HMS Volcano (AE), CO Commander Mira Badmachin - held position outside the hyper limit during the battle, filled combat units with missile pods after the second engagement.


Senior officer present - Admiral Isidor Hegedusic:

Course of battle Edit

Hexapuma, and the hastily assembled squadron its captain had arranged, arrived in Monica after Captain Terekhov's discovery of the Jessyk Combine's involvement in distributing weapons to insurrections in the Talbott Cluster and the central role Monica was playing in the scheme. Terekhov's immediate demand that Monica stand down its Navy pending determination of what was going on was rejected, leading to hostilities.

There were two phases during the actual battle, after the ultimatum to the Monican Admiral commanding was rejected:

  1. The attack on Eroica Station
  2. The combat with the Monican battlecruiser division

Aftermath Edit

Even though HMS Hexapuma herself was badly damaged, Terekhov managed to keep the remaining Monican force[4] from attacking by threatening to launch a nuclear bombardment on Eroica Station. Rear Admiral Augustus Khumalo's reinforcement force, led by HMS Hercules, arrived after seven days and forced Monica to surrender. (SI1, SI2)

RMN losses Edit

MSN losses Edit

  • 3 active battlecruisers destroyed
  • 9[5] inactive battlecruisers: 8 destroyed, 1 heavily damaged
  • 5 heavy cruisers, 6 light cruisers, 15 destroyers, and all but six LACs - destroyed or heavily damaged
  • 75% of manpower

References Edit

  1. Likely junior grade, at least Anders was younger than Terekhov.
  2. Lieutenant Gainsworthy, third engineer, took over after his death.
  3. Built and delivered by Technodyne Industries.
  4. Two light cruisers, four destroyers and six LACs
  5. Two remaining undamaged vessels were later confiscated by the RMN