The Battle of Farley's Crossing was the last major battle of the Solarian League Navy prior to its involvement in the Talbott Cluster in the 20th Century PD. It occurred in the early 18th Century PD and involved over six hundred ships.

It was essentially a Frontier Fleet action, with about 160 SLN ships but less than a dozen ships of the wall. The SLN defeated approximately three times their number of smaller units, including some from a "rogue" Farley's Crossing System defense fleet contingent. The opposing side was defeated because of its inferior technology, which masked the SLN's use of poor tactics. The Battle Fleet's opinion of the Battle of Farley's Crossing was that no one would stand a chance against the SLN.[1] (HH7, infodump)

Simulator game Edit

Battle of Farley's Crossing was also a plot for a simulator-like game used by the People's Navy. The PN, unlike the SLN, studied this particular battle as part of the officer training.[2] The simulation allowed up to ten players on each side. Horace Harkness rigged a copy of the game during his stay on PNS Tepes, as cover for other nefarious activity. (HH7)


  1. It can be concluded that the SLN, institutionally, managed to learn virtually nothing from the battle.
  2. It is possible that the game allowed one to defeat the SLN.

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