Battle of Candor

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Battle of Candor
ConflictFirst Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1907 PD
PlaceCandor System
ResultManticoran Alliance victory

Manticoran Alliance
joined task force

People's Navy
Task Force 20


Adm. Wesley Matthews

Commissioner Sigourney
Vice Adm. Abbot

  • 15 SD
  • 4 DN
  • at least 18 BC
  • 15 SD
  • 15 BC
  • 20 CL and DD



The Battle of Candor was an armed engagement between the Manticoran Alliance forces and the People's Navy, in which the Manticoran Alliance joint task force defeated the People's Navy Task Force 20 and took back the Candor System.

Prelude Edit

Order of battle Edit

Manticoran Alliance Edit

Joint task force:

  • Admiral Alfred Henries' task group:
    • a battle squadron (SD)[1], CO Admiral Henries
    • a battlecruiser squadron (6 vessels)
  • Battle Squadron 2 (GSN), CO Admiral Wesley Matthews
  • a half battle squadron (DN)[2], CO (Rear) Admiral Koga
  • a battle division (SD)[3], CO (Rear) Admiral Truman
  • uncertain screen[4]

Rear Admiral Eloise Meiner's task force (Candor picket):

  • two battlecruiser sqadrons probably[5]
  • a screening element including at least three destroyers

People's Navy Edit

Task Force 20:

  • two battle squadrons
  • two battlecruiser squadrons
  • a light cruiser screening element
  • a destroyer srceening element

Aftermath Edit

See: Second Battle of Minette (HH7)

References Edit

  1. 8 units
  2. 2 divisions - 4 units
  3. 2 units
  4. taken by Matthews, Koga, Truman
  5. 12 vessels, including HMS Hector, the flagship

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