Basilica was a planet in the Talbott Quadrant, one of the two habitable worlds of the Nuncio System.

History Edit

The human colonists settling in the Nuncio System in the 14th Century PD originally landed on Basilica, the more habitable of the two planets. They were very religious people, and the first colony expedition into what later became known as the Talbott Cluster.

Unfortunately, they were unable to afford as much modern technology as most other colonizing expeditions, and what they'd managed to bring with them had not been up to making the genetic modifications required for a successful colonization. When their crops failed and 65 percent of their food animals died within the first generation, the colonists transferred about half of their surviving population and what remained of their resources to Pontifex, a much colder, dryer world, but without the subtle genetic traps of the original colony.

None of the people left behind on Basilica survived, and the planet remained unpopulated a least until the early 20th Century PD. (SI1)

References Edit

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