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Barney Isvarian
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Barney Isvarian was a Manticoran citizen and a former Sergeant of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.

Biography Edit

Isvarian served with the RMMC for fifteen years. Prior to his retirement, he was a Command Sergeant Major of the marine detachment at the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island. Isvarian was later an employee of the Native Protection Agency on Medusa with the rank of Major, the senior NPA official on the planet.

In 1900 PD, Major Isvarian put together a commando team and attacked the drug lab in the Mossyback region, being wounded in the attack. Isvarian was a part of HMS Fearless' Marine team and led the NPA contingent in the defense of the government compound against the Medusans during the Mekoha Uprising. (HH1)

Service Record Edit

Promotions (RMMC) Edit

  • Command Sergeant Major

Posts (RMMC) Edit

  • Saganami Island

Promotions (NPA) Edit

  • Major

Posts (NPA)Edit

  • Senior NPA Official, Medusa

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