The title of this article is a conjecture. Though the topic is found within the Honorverse, no official name is given.

Barnett System Defense Command was the Havenite military force responsible for the defense of the Barnett System region in the Republic of Haven. (HH7, HH8, HH9)

Chain of command Edit

Command over DuQuesne Base was the second most important naval command in the People's Republic of Haven.

In 1905 PD DuQuesne Base was also temporary HQ for People's Navy's CNO, Fleet Admiral Amos Parnell.

Staff Edit

Barnett System Defense Command staff as of 1911 PD:

  • Captain Megan Hathaway – Chief of Staff (1911 PD)
  • Commander Warner Caslet – Operations Officer (1910-1911 PD)
  • Commander Jendra – Communications Officer (1915 PD)
  • Lieutenant Commander Ito – acting Operations Officer (1911 PD)

Strength Edit

  • Oct 1911 PD – 30 SD[1]
  • Dec 1914 PD – 12 SD and DN, 10 BB
See also: Battle of Barnett

Order of battle Edit

Limited information concerning Barnett System Defense's order of battle in 1911 PD included mentiones concerning:

Battles Edit

References Edit

  1. Including 13 units of Battle Squadrons 62 and 81.

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