Baltasar Juppé
Male civilian
Full Name
Baltasar Juppé
Male   Male

Baltasar Juppé was a Solarian financial analyst and reporter, who was actually a Mesan deep-cover agent.

Physical appearance Edit

The product of one of the Mesan Alignment's genetic Gamma lines, he was brown-eyed and brown-haired, and not what most people would consider an attractive man. (HH12)

Biography Edit

Juppé's grandparents moved to Earth to found a family of deep-cover agents for the Alignment. There were never activated, and neither were their children, so Baltasar, their grandson, did not expect to be either. For years of building his cover career, he was bored by his work and the world around him, and envied other reporters like Audrey O'Hanrahan for their more exciting lives.

In his coverage of the events surrounding the Battle of Monica, he was a vocal critic of the extent to which the Star Empire of Manticore and its merchant marine had penetrated the League's economy, and was skeptical of the Manticoran claims and evidence. At the turn of 1922 PD, he aquired information about the New Tuscany Incident that differed from the Manticoran account of the events. He contacted Audrey O'Hanrahan directly to share the information with her, being aware of the fact that she was in fact an Alpha line deep-cover agent. (HH12)

References Edit

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