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Axel Lacroix was a Havenite citizen and an enlisted soldier in the Republic of Haven Marine Corps.

He was born around 1895 PD into a three-generation Dolist family. During the First Havenite-Manticoran War, he saw his family move off the Basic Living Stipend, and his parents regain their self-respect. Seeing how the state had helped them, he felt that he owed the Republic something in return. Thus, he enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Once he received his orders, he spent one last evening with his family, and his friends threw him a farewell party. His friend Angelo Goldbach was worried about him leaving in his old aircar, but Axel dismissed his concerns. Moments after lifting off, he collided with Secretary of State Arnold Giancola's limousine, killing himself, Giancola, Giancola's younger brother, and their driver and bodyguard. (HH11)

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