Autentico Judaism was a branch of the ancient Jewish religion.

While rejected by the most orthodox branches of Judaism to the point that some Jewish branches do not consider them to be legitimate Jews, the Autenticos have become the fastest-growing branch of Judaism by the 20th Century PD. They rejected the notion of a hereditary "chosen people" enshrined by their more orthodox and traditional brethren and considered that it was a self-selected body. Thus, Autentico Judaism practiced proselitism and conversion among non-Jews.

Autentico Judaism found popularity among freed genetic slaves, partly because several Autentico practitioners were willing to fall into slavery to proselytize their fellow slaves; this led to the official banning of the religion on Mesa. Also, several Autentico-related troubles were experienced on the Mfecane worlds.

An Autentico rabbi named Hideyoshi blessed the coronation of Berry Zilwicki as Queen of the Kingdom of Torch. (CS1)

Hugh Arai was raised as an Autentico Jew by his adoptive parents. (CS2)

References Edit

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