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The Audubon Ballroom was a private organization of escaped genetic slaves whose policy included the kidnapping and assassination of those involved in slavery and slave trade.

Their motto was "Let's Dance!"


The Ballroom[1], led by Jeremy X in the 1900s PD, was especially active against Mesa and its companies, most importantly Manpower Incorporated. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Upon the founding of the Kingdom of Torch the Audubon Ballroom effectively became the core of the military and intelligence apparatus of the Kingdom. It is known that Jeremy X and his close associates intended to alter the tactics and methods of the Ballroom in line with the political realities of being part of a recognized Nation state. It is not known if any elements of the Ballroom continue with their old methods. (CS1)

Connection with the Anti-Slavery League Edit

After the Anti-Slavery League began purchasing frigates from the Hauptman Cartel, the Ballroom discreetly provided crews for the ships as part of a program to train "privateers-to-be". It was estimated that only the department heads and highest ratings on the ships were non-Ballroom members. (CS1)

References Edit

  1. The Ballroom was named after the building on Earth where legendary human rights activist Malcolm X was assassinated. The habit of taking a name followed by the letter X may also be a testament to his legacy.

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