Astral Energetics, Ltd was an arms developement company in the Solarian League.

In the early 19th Century PD, the company bought out Aberu and Harmon, collected all existing research materials on laser head missile technology, and began a long term incremental development program. Astral's huge sales of gravitic and nuclear physics packages for military, mining, and scientific uses meant a steady flow of resources to their extensive project team in the 70 Virginis System.

Their work took over thirty years, but in 1866 PD, it produced the first complete laser-head-armed impeller-drive anti-ship missile system.

Seeing the weapon as nothing more than a passing novelty, the Solarian League Navy rejected all efforts of Astral's sales department and lobbyists. Astral eventually began advertising the system for export to other star nations. The Imperial Andermani Navy was the first official buyer in early 1872 PD. Its successful use against pirates in the Silesian Confederacy encouraged the People's Republic of Haven to begin acquiring laser heads and the capability to produce them in the early 1880s. (HHA5.4: AItMSAD) ("House of Steel")

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