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An arsenal ship was a type of warship used by humans in the Diaspora era, basically a floating missile platform with launch bays for missiles and missile pods. It was used to provide pod-laying capability to a force lacking proper pod-laying battlecruisers or superdreadnoughts.

The first arsenal ship design was the Masquerade-class, built for the Solarian League Navy's Maya Sector Detachment. It was adapted from a freighter, and had minimal defenses and no built-in fire control. Three ships of this type were deployed in the Battle of Torch. (CS2)

Warship Classification
Arsenal shipBattlecruiserBattleshipCorvetteDestroyerDreadnoughtFrigateHeavy cruiserLACLAC carrierLight cruiserQ-shipShip of the WallSting shipSuperdreadnought

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