The April Tribunal was one of the most effective underground organisations that opposed the Legislaturist regime of the People's Republic of Haven. Its members were called Aprilists.

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The Tribunal was founded in the second half of the 19th Century PD, its name deriving from the "April Massacre" of 1861 PD, when a group of Dolist protesters were accidentally killed as the result of a botched attempt to bring the situation under control.

The Aprilists were known for both their skill and for fighting a "clean" guerrilla campaign with strikes aimed at "legitimate" military and government targets rather than terror attacks against "soft" targets favored by groups like the CRU. They were part of the coalition that fought in the revolution against Hereditary President Harris which brought the Committee of Public Safety to power.

However the April Tribunal's manifesto, which was centered around the restoration of the original constitution of the Republic, specifically focusing on the return of democratic accountability to government and the restoration of civil liberties, led many Aprilists to oppose the policy and methods of the Committee once it was established. Those who did so were purged, though those who disavowed (or pretended to disavow) the Tribunal's moderation and embrace the Committee's methods were left alone. Many former Aprilists formed the core of the new Opposition

The fall of Oscar Saint-Just and the reformation of the Republic of Haven under the leadership of President Eloise Pritchart, herself a former Brigade Commander of the Aprilist movement, marked the final realization of the Tribunal's goals. (HH10)

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