The Anti-Slavery League, or ASL, was a Beowulf-based non-governmental organization that fought slavery in all its forms, especially the infamous genetic slavery of Mesa.

Notable MembersEdit

Catherine Montaigne was among the leaders of the League, and also had contacts within the Audubon Ballroom. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Captain Helen Zilwicki, RMN, was an inactive member of the League.

Notable ContributorsEdit


After Montaigne renounced her position as Countess of the Tor, she began financing the ASL's purchase of frigates built by the Hauptman Cartel. Thanks to the influence of Klaus Hauptman, who's Hauptman Foundation shared the ASL's goals of eradicating genetic slavery, the ships were built at cost. One of these frigates was the Pottawatomie Creek.

At the time of the Stein assassination, the ASL had seven warships, most of which were used discreetly as training cruises for Audubon Ballroom "privateers-to-be". (CS1)

After the creation of the Kingdom of Torch, a star nation of former slaves, the ships of the ASL Navy were absorbed into the newly created Royal Torch Navy. (CS2)


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