Angelique Winton
Female civilian
Full Name
Angelique Winton
Angelique Adcock
The Queen Mother Angelique
Female   Female
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Angelique Winton (née Adcock) was the wife of King Roger III and Queen Consort of Manticore from 1857 to 1883 PD.

Physical characteristics Edit

Angelique had an oval face and gray eyes. (Companion)

Family Edit

The Adcock family were immigrants from the planet Maslow. They came to Manticore when Angelique's older brother, Jonas, was already too old to receive the prolong treatment. After the death of her biological mother, her father married again, and had another two children, Angelique's half brothers, Jeptha and Aidan (Companion)

Biography Edit

Angelique was married to Roger III for almost thirty years, twenty-five of which he had been King. Due to her family's commoner roots[1], her nickname, from Manticoran society gossip, was "poor little beggar maid". She was the mother of Crown Princess Elizabeth (the later Queen Elizabeth III) and Michael Winton.

She was present when her husband died in an assassination that was made to look like a grav-ski accident, and was among those considered for the job of Royal regent until Elizabeth was old enough to rule for herself.[2] (HHA2.3: QG)

Following her daughter's coronation, Queen Mother Angelique returned to Gryphon, where she lived in relative seclusion, serving as an instructor at the Gryphon Planetary University's School of Silviculture. (Companion)

References Edit

  1. The practice of the heir apparent having to marry a commoner was actually embedded in the Manticoran Constitution.
  2. Caitrin Winton-Henke was also under consideration.

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