Lord Anderson L'Estrange, Earl Breakwater, was a Manticoran peer of the realm and politician.

In the early 16th Century PD, he served as Chancellor of the Exchequer; as such, he was a proponent of dissolving the Royal Manticoran Navy and making the Manticoran Patrol and Rescue Service the sole security force for the Manticore System. (MA1)

King Michael I once compared him to a sabrepike. (MA2)

Following the death of King Edward I in 1543 PD, he retained the position of Chancellor of Exchequer in Queen Elizabeth II's goverment and attempted to exert influence over her decisions. In 1544 PD however, he was forced to resign when the queen revealed a document proving his indirect complicity in the destruction of the experimental patrol sloop HMS Phobos. (MA3)