For the Manticoran destroyer, see HMS Ambuscade.

The Ambuscade was a armed merchant ship[1] owned by Captain Thomas Bachfisch and his partner.[2]

History Edit

Like her sister ship Pirates' Bane her armament was heavily upgraded. Ambuscade also had a military-grade inertial compensator, matching impellers and particle shields and respectable sidewall generators, which brought her up to heavy cruiser level.

Bachfisch had, supported by the Royal Manticoran Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence, allready armed Ambuscade on a minor scale long before he managed to achive a warrant as a naval auxiliary of the Silesian Confederate Navy for both the ships, which allowed him to operated his private Q-ships in Silesian space in the first place. Ambuscade's early success against some pirates may have been the reason for the Silesian Navy to trust Bachfisch. While Ambuscade was never called upon in Silesian naval capacity she became a death trap for every pirate attacking her. Bachfisch was master of the Pirates' Bane, the skipper of the Ambuscade was Captain Laurel Malachi. (HH10)

Known crewmembers Edit

References Edit

  1. Ambuscade is called the Pirates' Bane's "sister ship", which suggests that she too was a Vogel-class armed collier of the Imperial Andermani Navy. However, her history makes it clear that she was Bachfisch's ship long before he purchased the Bane.
  2. Most likely Laurel Malachi.

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