Amazons was the name given to a group of female Scrags who in the late 1910s PD abandoned their traditional ways and ended up under the leadership of Thandi Palane.

History Edit

Originally part of a larger group of male and female Scrags, the females abandoned their male counterparts after the men decided to join a group of renegade Masadans led by Abraham Templeton and to convert to their version of the Church of Humanity Unchained, which espoused an especially virulent misogynist orientation. They were somewhat lost as an independent group until they were 'adopted' by Lieutenant Thandi Palane of the Solarian League Marine Corps, at the direction of Captain Luis Rozsak. They eventually called Lieutenant Palane "Great Kaja", meaning, more or less, "leader".

Like all Scrags, their social structure was packlike (akin to a wolf pack), and they followed as a leader only the strongest and most dominant member of the group. Since Palane was a native of Ndebele, physically far stronger and more capable, and furthermore trained and accustomed to leading, she was accepted after some testing by the Scrags. Twelve of them helped Palane defeat the Masadans, rescue the Princess, take the Felicia III, and became the Amazons[1].

Some time later, as a special unit of the Torch Liberation Army, the Amazons found their way to the planet Torch, became citizens of the new star nation, and served as personal guards and a commando force in the Army of the Kingdom of Torch. They were still under Palane's command when she became the Commander in Chief of the Torch Armed Forces. (CS1)

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References Edit

  1. The group was likely named for the tribe of warrior women in ancient Greek mythology.