Dame Amandine Corvisart was a Manticoran citizen and a diplomat.

Dame Amandine Corvisart was a second-generation Manticoran whose family had fled the People's Republic of Haven sixty-five T-years earlier. (Sl1) She served as a special representative of the Foreign Office assigned to negotiate a settlement with the Republic of Monica after the destruction of most of the Monican Navy by the Royal Manticoran Navy. She stated that Manticore would demand extradition of Aldona Anisimovna and Isabel Bardasano on accusations of murder, terrorism, and illegal weapons trafficking. However, she refused to accuse Lorcan Verrochio of criminal actions. (SI1)

After the destruction of the NTNS Hélène Blondeau, Baroness Medusa decided to send Corvisart to New Tuscany with Commodore Ray Chatterjee's Destroyer Squadron 301. She was killed, along with the entire crews of all three of the Roland-class destroyers Commodore Chatterjee took into the New Tuscan system, when Admiral Josef Byng fired upon them without warning; this was later known as the New Tuscany Incident. (SI2)

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