Amanda Graveson was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the People's Navy. Holding the rank of Admiral, she was the commander of the Capital Fleet.

In 1914 PD, Graveson at least had knowledge of Esther McQueen's plans to supplant the Committee of Public Safety, and may have been part of the plot. However, after Oscar Saint-Just ordered State Security to prepare McQueen's attainder for treason sooner than expected, McQueen believed she had no choice but to attempt a half-baked coup.

The move caught Graveson by surprise as ruthless action by StateSec Naval Forces destroyed a few People's Navy units that StateSec deemed part of the plot. Groundside, McQueen's Marines failed to kill or capture Saint-Just; Graveson thus chose a neutral posture as the coup collapsed with the destruction of the Octagon.

Saint-Just initially planned to remove and execute Graveson for her lack of intervention on his side, but Admiral Thomas Theisman, her replacement in charge of Capital Fleet, talked him down. Gaining Saint-Just's trust, Theisman assumed command without StateSec oversight, thus discovering Graveson and McQueen's coup plans in Capital Fleet databanks.

Graveson's files indicated who to contact to pick up where McQueen left off and proved essential to the restoration of the Republic of Haven. (HH9)

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