Amador Khetha
Male civilian
Full Name
Amador Khetha
"The Supreme Chosen One"
Male   Male
Death date
1539 PD
Death place

Amador Khetha was a Canaanite military leader and politician in the 16th Century PD.

Biography Edit

Around 1509 PD, General Kheta was part of a military junta that took control of the planet Canaan; however, he soon organized a secret movement to overthrow that junta and put himself in power. He then proclaimed himself to be the "Supreme Chosen One" and settled into absolute rule.

In 1535 PD, the people of Canaan violently overthrew Khetha and his government. He and a small group of supporters hastily fled from the planet, and began seeking support from several Solarian League worlds and the Republic of Haven. However, these endeavours proved useless, so they eventually settled down in Quechua City, the capital city of the Casca System.

In 1539 PD, Khetha agreed to a meeting with Jeremiah Llyn, who was interested in organizing a meeting with the Volsung Mercenaries. However, once the General had revealed the neccessary contact information, Llyn shot and killed Ketha and his entourage. (MA2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • General (before 1509 PD)

References Edit

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