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The Allied Counteroffensive of 1905 PD was the Manticoran Alliance's attempt to seize the strategic initiative and momentum in the early days of the First Havenite-Manticoran War after the disastrous failure of the Havenite Operation Perseus and capitalize on the internal confusion in the People's Republic of Haven caused by the assassination of Hereditary President Sidney Harris. (HH3, HH4)

History Edit

Finding itself in a de facto state of war with Haven in the wake of the First Battle of Hancock and Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star, but without a formal declaration of war from Parliament, the Royal Manticoran Navy nonetheless recognized the need to seize the strategic invitiative and capture the forward momentum of the war, especially in the wake of the Harris Assassination.

Capitalizing on the confusion and disorganization in the People's Navy, the RMN launched a series of counterattacks intent on capturing as much Havenite territory as possible. Led by Admiral White Haven, the counteroffensive succeeded in taking a number of strategically important systems along the Alliance's frontier and pushing back the war front almost into the People's Republic itself.

Without a formal declaration of war however, by Manticoran law the military operations were limited to securing the territorial integrity of the Star Kingdom. Moreover its financial cost was the responsbility of the RMN without support from the Treasury.[1]

The Royal Manticoran Navy's quick counterattacks took six Havenite forward bases, including Seaford Nine, Chelsea and Mendoza.

An important factor in the Havenite confusion was the purging of the People's Navy's senior officers and desertions in the ranks.

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References Edit

  1. The RMN ultimate financial limit was about four months of operations without additional financing.

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