Alice Ramsbottom was a Manticoran citizen, the daughter of George and Babette Ramsbottom.

She was a childhood friend of Crown Prince Michael Winton, the brother of Queen Elizabeth III, but the two rarely saw each other as young adults. In the late 20th Century PD, she was unwillingly drawn into a plot by her parents to kidnap the daughter of Michael's girlfriend, Judith Newland, in order to influence the Star Kingdom's foreign policy.

However, Alice sided with Michael and Judith, and helped them recover Ruth Newland safely. She then informed her parents that she no longer wanted to live with them, and that she had sensitive information about them that would find its way into the public if anything should ever happen to Judith or Ruth again. She then moved in with Judith, who by then was engaged to Prince Michael, to teach her the rules of high society. (HHA5.1: R)

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