Aleksandra Tonkovic was a Kornatian citizen and the Planetary President of Kornati until 1921 PD.

A member of the Kornatian Democratic Centralist Party, she attempted to negotiate certain privileges for the Kornatian political elite, and was unwilling to compromise as the situation continued to polarize as she genuinely believed that Manticore would not let the annexation of the Talbott Cluster fail.

It was eventually revealed that she had been willing to risk the future of Kornati in order to strengthen her own position, and that she deliberately withheld information from her own parliament about the state of the negotiations with Manticore and the other Cluster systems. In the aftermath, Tonkovic was forced to resign in order to avoid impeachment by fellow Democratic Centralist Eldijana Mrsic, which would have meant further damage to the party. (SI1)

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