Aldona Anisimovna
Full Name
Aldona Anisimovna
Female   Female

Aldona Anisimovna was a Mesan Alpha line enhanced human, and a high-ranking agent of Manpower Incorporated and the Mesan Alignment.

Physical characteristics Edit

She had golden hair, gray eyes, and perfect teeth. (SI1)

Biography Edit

As a member of Manpower's Board of Directors, Anisimovna was heavily involved in Mesa's operations in the Talbott Cluster in the late 1910s and early 1920s PD. (SI1, HH11)

Amandine Corvisart declared that the Star Kingdom of Manticore would seek extradition on accusations of murder, terrorism, and illegal weapons trafficking. However, this was a public relations manuever as Mesa would never agree to extradition. (SI1)

On the recommendation of her colleague and personal friend Isabel Bardasano, Albrecht Detweiler brought Anisimovna fully into the Alignment. As a senior operative of Alignment Security, she coordinated the New Tuscany end of the Alignment's second operation to destabilize the Talbott Cluster, orchestrating the New Tuscany Incident. (SI2, HH12)

References Edit

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