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Agnes Nordbrandt was a Kornatian citizen and the leader and founder of the National Redemption Party.

Biography Edit

She was a member of Parliament and was one of the leader of the movement opposing annexation by the Star Kingdom of Manticore. She was so opposed that she organized the Freedom Alliance of Kornati, or FAK, an armed group in support of her party's policies and in opposition to the policies it disagreed with. When Parliament voted to participate in the Constitutional Convention on Spindle, she resigned from Parliament and began a guerrilla war to prevent the annexation.

Among her first actions were the Karlovac terror attacks, which made her the number one enemy of the state on Kornati.

She was contacted by an agent (supposedly from a group of businessmen opposed to the annexation), but actually a Solarian Gendarmerie agent acting on instructions of Mesan agents. He offered access to modern weapons and equipment, which she accepted and arranged for their delivery and distribution. There were troubles during that delivery which led to a major setback for the movement she led. (SI1)

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