Dr. Adrienne Warshawski was a hyperphysicist from Earth and one of humanity's great scientists. She was compared to Shigematsu Radhakrishnan and Joseph Buckley. (HH12)

She invented the gravitational scanner, often called a warshawski in her honor, which gave warning of disturbances in hyperspace gravity waves, considerably increasing safe use of them. In combination with the existing hyper log, this made possible a substantial increase in faster-than-light equivalent speed and greatly increased the size of settlement volume which could remain in reasonably frequent contact.

In 1273 PD, she developed and demonstrated, with the starship Fleetwing, an alternative use of gravitic nodes to produce a 'sail' which for the first time allowed routine use of grav waves in hyperspace, and so greatly the increased effective speed of space travel. As a bonus, it considerably reduced fuel requirements, making very long distance transport of some goods, even very massive goods, economical. It was named the Warshawski sail in her honor. In centuries to come, she was considered one of the most important scientists to have ever lived. (HH1, HH6)

The Scientist-class superdreadnought SLNS Adrienne Warshawski was named after her. (HH13)

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