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The Adrienne Cross was a Manticoran military award designed by King Roger II to honor members of the Monarch's Own Regiment who risked or lost their own lives defending the Royal Family.

The Queen’s Own nicknamed the medal Spitting Kitty, because it featured the image of a snarling treecat. Crown Princess Adrienne's own treecat Dianchect was rumored to have been the model for the 'cat depicted on the medal. Eleven people won it before 1919 PD, nine of them posthumously, after they had died for the House of Winton.[1]

All the members of Princess Ruth's security detachment who died on The Wages of Sin defending Ruth and Berry Zilwicki received the Cross as well. (CS1)

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  1. As a reference to that, situations of mortal danger were sometimes referred to as "Spitting Kitty time".