Adrian Mayhew was the Protector of Grayson from 1655 to 1681 PD.

He reversed his predecessors' policy of not further developing the Protectorate's space program. This proved wise when the enemy Navy of Masada started to attack the Yeltsin's Star System in 1672 PD. With the Grayson Space Guard's existing cutters being inadequate to hold off the attack, the Protector commissioned a force of hastily converted ore-carriers and personnel transports to intercept the Masadans in a bloody and costly fight.

On November 1, 1675 PD, the Protector transformed the Grayson Space Guard into the Grayson Space Navy, to build a military force able and ready to defend Grayson against its enemies. (Companion)

Preceded by
Benjamin VII
Protector of Grayson
1655 - 1681 PD
Succeeded by

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