The title of this article is a conjecture. Though the topic is found within the Honorverse, no official name is given.

Admiral Rollins' Task Force was an independent unit People's Navy organized prior to the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

It was based in the Seaford Nine System, which was claimed by the People's Republic of Haven shortly before 1904 PD. The station and the task force based there threatened Zanzibar, Alizon and Yorik, all members of the Manticoran Alliance.

Strength Edit

Initial Edit

Initially Admiral Rollins' task force was estimated as:


Battle of Hancock Edit

According to Manticoran intelligence and tracking:

  • entire Admiral Rollins' task force comprised of 37 capital ships, including:
    • 22 superdreadnoughts
    • 7 dreadnoughts
    • 6 battlecruisers
    • 2 ships of the wall refited in Seaford Nine System yards
  • ca. 70 cruisers and destroyers - Rollins' screen tracked in the Hancock System before the battle
  • a third superdreadnought squadron might be en route to Admiral Rollins

Reinforcements Edit

  • A third superdreadnought squadron might be detached to Admiral Rollins' force.
  • Planned reinforcements for Seaford Nine force was Admiral Coatsworth's force. Its exact strenght is not certain – probably it was two battle squadrons[2]. It never joined Admiral Rollins' force.
  • Some force commanded by Admiral Ruiz was planned to be subjugated to Admiral Coatsworth also. (HH3)

Staff Edit

The only mentioned member of staff was Captain Ed Holcombe, Admiral Rollins' Chief of Staff. (HH3)

Service Record Edit

  • Destruction of the RMN cruisers picketing the Seaford Nine System.
  • First Battle of Hancock – whole task force appeared, but only Rear Admiral Chin’s task group took part in the battle.
  • First Battle of Seaford Nine - only three of Havenite capital ships had survived, and Admiral Rollins was killed; the command confusion that followed finished People’s Navy task force off.
  • Encounter in Hancock System[3] - Admiral Coatsworth’s forces were forced by the RMN Task Force Hancock, to leave Hancock System. Most of his ships escaped, but his lead squadrons suffered some casualties. Without repair facilities in Seaford Nine System, Admiral Coatsworth had to come back to Barnett System with his damaged units. (HH3)

References Edit

  1. including PNS Napoleon and PNS Alexander
  2. 50% of Admiral Rollins' task force strength, with screen very likely
  3. for uncertain purposes not counted as a battle by David Weber - the Second Battle of Hancock is called one occured in 1913 PD (HH7)

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