Fleet Admiral Amos Parnell's task force was the People's Navy's main offensive force prepared for the planned conflict with the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The task force was based at DuQuesne Base in the Barnett System. Due to intelligence information that the RMN forces in the Yeltsin's Star System were weakened, Admiral Parnell decided to attack them out of the escalation schedule performed during Operation Perseus.

Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star Edit

See: Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star

After the battle in the Yeltsin's Star System half of the remaining ships were so battered their return to the Barnett System took more than twice as long as the passage out. Because of this, Admiral Parnell's task force returned to Barnett only after the Harris Assassination. Admiral Parnell was almost immeditaly arrested by Cordelia Ransom, Special Undersecretary for Security, in the name of the Committee of Public Safety. (HH3)

Organization Edit

Staff Edit

As Parnell's main position was Chief of Naval Operations for the People's Navy, at least some part of his task force staff was taken from the Octagon. The only known member of his staff was Commodore Russell Perot, chief of staff, who was very likely also employed for task force purposes.[1] (HH3)

Strength Edit

The task force was made up of about eleven battle squadrons. (HH3)

References Edit

  1. present at DuQuesne base

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