For this character's ancestor of the same name, see here.

Adam Šiml was a citizen of Chotěboř in the Kumang System and President of Sdružení Sokol Chotěboř, the planet's predominant sports association.

The nominal head of the Šiml family, he was the former Chotěbořan Minister of Agriculture and was ousted as a scapegoat for the delay in finding a public cure for the komáři (komár hnědy rybniční, a ubiquitous 'nuisance' insect pest which had mutated into a deadly disease). Šiml had lost his wife, Kristýna Šimlová Louthanová, teenaged son and both infant daughters to the komáři and had made it a personal mission in life to solve the outbreak.[1] (SI4)

References Edit

  1. The actual name of the real world czech organization is Jednota Sokol or Jednota Sokolská (lit. "falcon union")

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