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"A Whiff of Grapeshot", written by S. M. Stirling, is the third short story in the first Honorverse anthology More Than Honor, first published in 1998.

Plot Edit

A radical Havenite faction known as the Levelers stages an uprising against the Committee of Public Safety, wreaking havoc in Nouveau Paris. With the Committee's security forces in complete disarray following an attack on its information network, the only force able to intervene and restore order is Admiral Esther McQueen using her flagship, PNS Rousseau. Even though the Admiral is not precisely a supporter of the Committee and has an agenda of her own, she brutally crushes the uprising, killing most of radicals and leaving Chairman Pierre in doubt about the decision of giving her the power she now has.

Background Edit

This short story serves as background to the Leveler Uprising mentioned in the early chapters of In Enemy Hands.

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Basic Living Supplement | Committee of Public Safety | Legislaturalist | Leveler Uprising | logic bomb | Nouveau Paris | People's Avenue | People's Navy | Re-Socialization Center

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