The 17th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1601 PD to 31 December 1700 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 38th Century CE.

Significant events Edit

~ 1600 PD
~ 107 AL
The Richtman Corporation begins its unsucceful bid to overturn the Ninth Amendment.
(HHA2.2: WPD)
1601 PD
107 AL
David I is crowned King of Manticore.
~ 1605 PD
107 AL
Richtman is exposed by news media as a Manpower Inc. front company.
(HHA2.2: WPD)
1612 PD
113 AL
A genetically enhanced version of the plains buffalo is imported to Gryphon from Beowulf.
1616 PD
Edward Saganami is born on the planet Gryphon.
1625 PD
The people of Maya colonize the neighboring Sprague System.
1630 PD
Crown Princess Adrienne of Manticore is born.
1640 PD
130 AL
The Admiralty Building is constructed in Landing.
1641 PD
HMS Nike (BC-01) undergoes a major refit.
1642 PD
131 AL
Roger II is crowned King of Manticore
1649 PD
The light cruiser HMS Unconquered is built.
Manticoran Queen Consort Solange is assassinated by sabotage of the Royal yacht.
1651 PD
The Cherwell Convention is ratified by the first group of signatories, including Manticore.
1652 PD
An assassination attempt on Crown Princess Adrienne is spoiled by a group of treecats. Adrienne is adopted by Dianchect.
1655 PD
Adrian Mayhew becomes Protector of Grayson.
The Treecat Rights Bill is passed.
1660 PD
The Ranier War begins when the Royal Manticoran Navy is sent to fight off the Ranier Pirates.
1662 PD
Edward Saganami's forces invade the Ranier System and remove the pirate-friendly local government.
1669 PD
147 AL
Adrienne I is crowned Queen of Manticore.
HMS Nike undergoes another major refit.
1671 PD
Queen Adrienne sends an RMN force led by Commodore Edward Saganami to the Silesian Confederacy to fight pirates.
1672 PD
The Battle of Trautman's Star is fought.
8/11/1672 PD
Edward Saganami and the crew of HMS Nike die in the Battle of Carson.
1673 PD
Queen Adrienne sends a battlecruiser squadron to Silesia to avenge Edward Saganami, wipe out the remaining pirates, and force terms on the Confederate government.
11/1/1675 PD
Protector Adrian transforms the Grayson Space Guard into the Grayson Space Navy.
1681 PD
154 AL
William I is crowned King of Manticore
1700 PD
182 AL
The Republic of Haven implements the DuQuesne Plan, which uses a kind of deficit spending that creates a welfare state.

References Edit

16th Century PD
17th Century PD

18th Century PD

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