The 14th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1301 PD to 31 December 1400 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 35th Century CE.

Significant events Edit

1309 PD
The first shuttle lands on the planet Haven.
1337 PD
The Grayson Civil War is fought between the Moderates and the Faithful. The Moderates defeat the Faithful and exile them to the planet Masada in the nearby Endicott System.
The first human settlers arrive on the planet Basilica in the Nuncio System.
After their crops fail and most of their food animals die, the Basilican colonists transfer half their surviving population and remaining resources to Pontifex.
1389 PD
The Manticore Colony Trust commissions four small frigates to serve as the first space defense force of the Manticore System.

References Edit

13th Century PD
14th Century PD

15th Century PD

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