The 13th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1201 PD to 31 December 1300 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 34th Century CE.

Significant events Edit

1246 PD
3349 CE
Scientists on the planet Beowulf perfect the impeller drive.
1273 PD
3376 CE
Dr. Adrienne Warshawski creates the first functional Warshawski sail aboard the starship Fleetwing.
9/9/1284 PD
3387 CE
The first Warshawski sail-using colony ship, the Icarus, leaves Earth.
Tanakov writes his most important work, the Tenets of War.
1298 PD
3401 CE
The first practical sidewall penetrator is developed.

References Edit

12th Century PD
13th Century PD

14th Century PD

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