The 10347th Independent Battalion was a tactial unit of the Solarian Gendarmerie.

In 1922 PD, it was assigned to the Saltash System in the Verge. Its Able and Charlie companies were guarding the brig aboard Shona Station, where the crew of two illegally seized Manticoran merchantmen was imprisoned. When a Royal Manticoran Navy task force arrived to free Manticoran spacers, a significant number of 10347th personnel was killed when getting in the RMN boarders' way. (HH14)

Organization Edit

Known personnel Edit

  • Major John Pole – Commanding Officer
  • Captain Jørn Kristoffersen – Commanding Officer, Able Company
  • Captain Leonie Ascher – Commanding Officer, Charlie Company
  • Captain Myers – a company Commanding Officer
  • Captain Truchinski – a company Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Boudreaux – Platoon Commander, Able Company
  • unnamed first sergeant, Able Company
  • Sergeant Clinton Abernathy – squad leader, Able Company (†)
  • Corporal Marjorie Pareja – NCO in Abernathy's squad, Able Company (†)
  • Sergeant Norman Dreyfus – squad leader, Able or Charlie Company (†)
  • Altabani – sensor technician in Dreyfus' squad (†)

Loses in battle of Saltash Edit

  • Abernathy's squad
  • Dreyfus' squad
  • a brig detail

References Edit

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